Monday, May 8, 2017

Another All-New Wiring Board: The Compact BlackBox Hp!

Racer's New BlackBox Hp - WB-15

Here’s the scoop on the BlackBox ® Hp, our new, dual-purpose wiring board:

The ever-popular full-size BlackBox, now has a smaller brother so there will be two sizes of BlackBox wiring boards. Just as important, the compact WB-15 BlackBox Hp retains all the successful and popular BlackBox features; One-side wiring, inline terminals, and fuses conveniently located right above their output terminals.

Dual-purpose design 
  • Serves as the foundation for a new street-rod or muscle car electrical system ...

  • Or it can replace or upgrade an existing rusty, damaged or inadequate OEM panel in a factory-wired car.

  • Narrow 5" width allows the Hp to fit in small spaces where the 9” BlackBox won’t fit. 

OE Replacement version includes:

  • Wire extender kit, 

  • Wire label kit

  • Tab adapters so it can be easily installed to the vehicle's factory wiring harness.

  • Specialized instructions

Every kit includes complete instructions

So why the new models?  
Over the years we've had requests for a simpler, smaller fuse-panel wiring-board for the less-complicated street rods and custom car builds.  At the same time, we've discovered there's a great market for replacement fuse panels for already-wired or stock vehicles that have a corroded or damaged fuse panel. The BlackBox Hp has the same design as our full-size BlackBox and installs identically as the basis of a new wiring system so this version was relatively easy to create.

The OE replacement version addresses the special requirements of replacement panel so the Hp includes wire extensions for the short wires that remain after the factory panel comes out and output tab adapters to allow factory wiring to "plug & play" onto the BlackBox Hp. The kit also includes heat-shrink wire labels since the plug-in OE wires often hide or cover the wiring board's printed labels. 

So, how does it look when installed?
Here's a BlackBox Hp installed into a 1960 GM car; an example of how well it works as a replacement fuse panel

BlackBox Hp Features: 
9 fuses, 18 marked circuits
Built-in Turn Signal or Hazard flasher
Dual-footprint flasher location also accepts our LED "No-Load" flasher
Easy to wire "Euro" input power block

Inputs: Battery , Accessory, Ignition, Panel light +

Outputs:  Wiper, Radio, HVAC, Back-up, Flasher, Instrument lights, Lighter, Dome, Clock, Stop, Tail, Gauges, Ignition, Fuel pump, 2 Extra Accy, 1 Extra Battery, & Option Relay

Option Relay: Flexible-use relay for (Horn, Fuel-Pump, HVAC, Hi-Beam, Button-Start, etc.)

Aluminum back plate: pre-drilled for two popular '60s GM panel hole-patterns is easily adapted to any car.
Made in USA!

The BlackBox Hp will be available in late May 2017 and can be ordered through our website or by calling us at 208-660-2998 8-5PM Pacific Time Zone