Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Announcing the all-new WB-14 BlackBox!

The All-New WB-14 BlackBox is finally here 

and we couldn't be more excited!

WB-14 LED Includes Two LED No-Load Flashers and Three Multi-Purpose Relays

Our new BlackBox design retains all the BlackBox elements that have been so successful and popular; One-side wiring, Inline terminal strips, Fuses conveniently located right above output terminals and the same attractive cover. At the same time the new design includes many new features that are sure to please both new and long-time users.

17 Fuses and 26 Labeled Circuits provide serious capability while terminal-type connections provide maximum flexibility. Fine Print: Labels now read from Driver's Side!

Easy to use "Euro" Input Blocks -

Battery Block includes "Battery Out" connection for 

convenient wiring to Key or Headlight Switch

"Euro" power input blocks easily grab and hold large-gauge wires without the need for bulky wire terminals. All three inputs; Battery, Ignition, and Accessory, are located on the power blocks, No more confusion about the role of the "IGN SW" input terminal that used to be mixed-in with the output terminals, plus there's a BATTERY OUT" connection for convenient wiring to another component.

Regular or Mini Fuses capability provides flexible access

Fuse holders are a new design that's easy to use and they accommodate both regular ATO/ATC fuses and ATM mini-fuses.  Creative use of Mini fuses provides the opportunity for more finger-space if your fingers happen to be enlarged  from being caught in the cookie jar a few too many times.

 WB-14 with standard flashers  and  three  multi-purpose relays

The BIG news: THREE RELAYS!  As before, there's a Horn relay, but in addition there are now two other relays. One operates when the Ignition is ON (We labeled it FUEL PUMP) and the other operates when the Accessory circuit is ON. That one's labeled FAN and it's rated for up to 30 amps!

You can have all kinds of fun with relays, especially in combination with a temperature switch, pressure switch, or just about any other enabling switch.  How about an ice-cream dispenser that only works when the air-ride is all the way down? No problem!

Best of all, the new WB-14 retains the same attractive price as the older WB-9~WB-12 BlackBox models. The WB-14 is a little easier to build and we turn that right back to you in the form of increased circuit count, three relays, and product improvements at no extra cost. Who said there's no such thing as a free lunch?  Order your new BlackBox today!